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cqb magnetic pump with base
name:cqb magnetic pump with base

cqb magnetic drive centrifugal pump (referred to as magnetic pump) usually consists of motor, magnetic coupling and corrosion-resistant centrifugal pump. its main feature is that the magnetic coupling is used to transfer power and is completely free of leakage. when the motor drives the external magnetic steel of the magnetic coupling to rotate, the magnetic force line passes through the gap and isolation sleeve and acts on the internal magnetic steel, making the pump rotor rotate synchronously with the motor without mechanical contact to transfer torque. at the power input end of the pump shaft, there is no leakage because the liquid is sealed in the static isolation sleeve.

cqb series magnetic pump is a new type of completely non-leakage corrosion-resistant pump developed by the national joint design group of magnetic pump.

the type and basic parameters of cqb series magnetic force pumps conform to the standards of jb/t 7742-1995 "type and basic parameters of small magnetic force driving centrifugal pump" and the supplementary provisions of the three standards of small magnetic force driving centrifugal pump.