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 anhui senlan heavy industry technology co., ltd. is a high-tech enterprise integrating r & d, production, sales and service. wuhu industrial water pump factory is reformed and established, with rich experience in water pump manufacturing. now the company specializes in the production of cnselam series water pumps, water supply and environmental protection equipment series. the company has first-class pump industry technical personnel and advanced mechanical processing and maintenance equipment, to provide customers with complete pump system solutions.   

senlan's main products: water pump series: centrifugal pump, sewage pump, chemical pump, multistage pump, oil pressure pump, stainless steel pump, etc.; equipment series: non negative pressure water supply equipment, frequency conversion water supply equipment, multi-functional emergency pump truck; environmental protection series: biochemical treatment, circuit board equipment design and installation, villa special sewage tank. our products are widely used in factories, residences, hospitals, power plants, farmland irrigation, printing and dyeing, food, chemical industry, petroleum, pharmaceutical, mining, paper making, steel, shipbuilding, ceramics, urban sewage treatment and municipal engineering, construction industry, etc.

since its establishment in 2013, the company has been mainly engaged in the manufacturing of industrial water pumps, followed by the development of environmental protection equipment and other related products. in 2015, the company began to develop and produce hydraulic rescue pumps, permanent magnet variable-speed variable-frequency high-speed submersible pumps, oil pressure pumps in flammable and explosive areas, multi-functional rescue pump trucks and other related products. some of its products can realize the functions of unattended multi pump truck on-line.