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thermal insulation three - screw pump
name:thermal insulation three - screw pump

the insulated three-screw pump is a rotor-type volumetric pump, which utilizes the meshing principle of screw rod, and relies on rotating screw rod to mesh in the pump sleeve, to seal the medium being transported in the meshing chamber, and to push continuously and uniformly to the outlet of the outlet along the screw rod axis, providing stable pressure for the system.

thermal-insulated triple screw pump is suitable for all kinds of non-corrosive oil and similar oil and lubricating liquid. the viscosity range of conveying liquid is generally 3.0-760mm2/s(1.2-100oe), and the high-viscosity medium can be transported by temperature drop. the temperature does not exceed 350 ℃.

the lq3g insulated screw pump (insulated asphalt pump) manufactured by the company is mainly used for conveying high viscosity and high temperature lubricating liquid. it is often used in the transmission of bituminous heavy fuel oil and heavy gear oil. heat carriers can be steam, hot oil and hot water, and cold carriers can be gas and liquid.

ii. features:

the outstanding features of the thermal insulation three-screw pump are simple structure, small pressure pulsation, stable flow, reliable work balance, high speed, low noise, high efficiency, long life and self-absorption capacity.

iii. purpose and scope of use:

thermal insulation triple screw pump is widely used in oil, chemical fiber, metallurgy, machinery, electricity, machine tools, ships, glass, highways and other industries.