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g type screw pump
name:g type screw pump
single screw is a new type of pump which operates on the principle of rolling engagement and positive displacement. the main working parts are eccentric screw (rotor) and fixed bushing (stator).

as a result of the special geometry of the two parts, separate sealed capacitance chambers are formed, and the media are evenly propagated by axial flow. the internal flow rate is low, the volume remains unchanged, and the pressure is stable, so there is no eddy current or agitation. every level of the pump output pressure is 0.6 mpa, head of 60 m (water), self-priming height is in commonly 6 m, suitable for medium temperature below 80 ℃ (special requirements of up to 150 ℃).

because the stator is made of a variety of elastic materials, this kind of pump is not suitable for conveying high viscosity fluid and rigid suspended particle medium or fiber medium. the flow rate is proportional to the speed of rotation.

transmission can be directly driven by coupling, or use speed motor, triangular belt, gearbox and other devices to change speed.

this pump has few parts, compact structure, small volume and easy maintenance. the rotor and stator are the vulnerable parts of this pump