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cqb magnetic drive pump
name:cqb magnetic drive pump
magnetic drive centrifugal pump (hereinafter referred to as magnetic pump), usually by electric motors, magnetic coupling and corrosion of centrifugal pump, its main feature is the use of magnetic coupling transmission power, completely without leakage, when the motor drives the magnetic coupling and outer magnetic steel rotates, the field lines through the clearance and isolation, role in magnetic steel, make the pump rotor and motor synchronous rotation, torque is no mechanical contact. at the power input end of the pump shaft, because the liquid is sealed in the static isolation chamber, there is no leakage. the over-current parts of the pump can be made of corrosion resistant materials such as 304, 304l, 302, 321, 316, 316l, ub6, cd4mcu, titanium alloy and nickel base alloy, respectively, as required. cqb series magnetic pump is a new type of completely non-leakage corrosion-resistant pump developed by the national joint design group. the form and basic parameters of cqb series magnetic pump meet the standard requirements of tb/ t7742-95 miniature magnetic drive centrifugal pump.