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cq magnetic drive pump
name:cq magnetic drive pump

i. product overview:
cq magnetic driving pump (referred to as magnetic pump) is a new product which applies the working principle of permanent magnetic coupling to centrifugal pump. it has the features of reasonable design, advanced technology, complete sealing, no leakage and corrosion resistance, and its performance reaches the advanced level of similar foreign products.

ii. main features:
the magnetic pump replaces the dynamic seal with the static seal, which makes the flow through part of the pump in a completely sealed state, and completely solves the problems of running, leaking and dripping that cannot be avoided by other mechanical seal of the pump. the magnetic pump is made of corrosion-resistant, high-strength engineering plastics, steel-jade ceramics, stainless steel, etc., so it has good anti-corrosion performance and can prevent the medium being transported from pollution.